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Winning is the only result!!!

Welcome To Front Row Sports Picks

Our strategically handpicked handicappers have been proven in this industry for over 25 years and counting. We offer top notch customer service for our family. We have extraordinary relationships with many executives and player personnel across the United States, in all gaming facets. Our handicappers are well versed in all sports. All of them specialize in sports analytics from everyday trends and strategy, previous data, line movements, in-depth statistics to our deep roots with Las Vegas Sports Books and Odds makers.
With the advancements in modern day technology and the availability to have information much quicker than in previous years, our experts have capitalized on the trends of the market and consistently win at a 61% clip UP 5% over the last decade.

We provide selections for:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Special Events-Golf Majors, UFC Title Fights, Nascar and Many more.

Our Handicapping System:

Our handicapping system is dynamic and constantly improved to provide maximum results for our customers. It’s imperative that you utilize a unit system when handicapping sports on a daily basis. Exercising RESTRAINT and GOOD JUDGEMENT with your bankroll will ensure maximum results in the long term. We usually play anywhere from 3-7 selections per day. Advising you to choose each game we suggest with identical action on each one.

We aggressively recommend to play on the conservative side when placing action with your bankroll on our suggested advice on given picks and ensuring following the formula with identical numbers on each pick, no questions asked!

Consistently picking ranging from 58-65% there is no doubt you will enjoy a comfortable climb in your bankroll if you follow our tried and true method. Nothing better than being “in” every game, every night. Picking only 3-7 plays a night allows you to be involved in many games in multiple leagues. Because in the end…. IT’S ONLY ABOUT WINNING!!

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